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The dream began in August 2012. I was reading in Isaiah with the white noise of a sex trafficking documentary in the background. The words from chapter 1, verse 17 leapt off the page, and my heart began to swell.


Learn to do good.

Seek justice.

Help the oppressed.

Defend the cause of orphans.

Fight for the rights of widows.


The presence of the Lord was there, and my heart melted as I watched and felt the pain of the injustice I saw happening all around me.


Deep, deep sorrow.

Completely broken.

I felt the Father’s heart for His children.

Weeping, I cried out for God to use me in whatever capacity He desired. It was in that very moment I knew that I was commissioned to seek justice & help the oppressed. I knew that my life would be given to defend the cause of orphans, and that the Lord would train me to battle for the rights of the widow. Little did I know, however, all that training would entail.


After many years, and many dreams, and many, many falls & fails, I discovered the mystery of what God spoke to my heart that day. I found the ‘avenue’ to the call of this life He’s given me. And by the grace of God, I found the confidence in Him to pursue it.


Full force.

No reservations.

Totally & completely.


Avenue 117 Design is built on love, and will grow through the compassion it's been branded with. From interior design that will fund our global boutique - creating sustainability & empowering the afflicted - our one goal is this: LOVE. Breaking down the old & bringing forth the new - bringing beauty from ashes - from Miramar Beach, Florida to all around the world.

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